Independent spring blocks

The basis of all modern mattresses

Независимые пружинные блоки производятся на автоматических линиях SPUHL P-455. Данное оборудование позволяет изготавливать пружину высотой от 60мм до 270мм. Диаметр может варьироваться от 40 до 70мм. Ленты с пружинами склеиваются на автоматической клеевой линии Spuhl PA-490 что обеспечивает точное и правильное нанесение клея. Клеевые швы имеют правильную геометрию нанесения, в результате склеивания на данном оборудовании полностью исключены усадка и деформация готового блока после скручивания и в процессе эксплуатации. Данная линия изготовлена по специальному заказу и не имеет аналогов на территории РФ. Контроль качества ее работы и техническая поддержка осуществляется специалистами компании Spuhl два раза в год в интерактивном режиме.

The main advantages:

More precise geometry of the produced blocks Correct application of the adhesive Improved adhesive joint strength Large output capacity of up to 400 mattress blocks per shift. Automatic quality control of spring belts prepared for bonding.

The Revolution spring is conventionally divided into three zones. The middle zone is the zone of rigidity. Due to the successive narrowing of the coils, it has the greatest elasticity and works at maximum loads. The upper and lower zones are the comfort zone. They have a standard diameter of turns and are responsible for convenience at medium loads. The mattress, due to the softness of the upper part of the spring, will take the shape of the body, but under heavy loads, the middle part of the spring begins to work, which is more rigid and gives additional elasticity, not allowing the mattress to crumple to the base. The Revolution spring, due to the greater narrowing of the central turns, surpasses all known types of similar springs in rigidity and technical characteristics. The optimal working load per 1 m2 is 85 kg. In the manufacture of this unit, a license program specially developed by Spuhl specialists is used, which allows you to wind a spring of this shape.

Spring block "Multi Pocket Mini»

This unit is ideal for mattresses used in sofas with transformation mechanisms "American, Belgian and French clamshell". Thanks to the block height of 60 mm, it is possible to produce a full-fledged, rigid mattress with a height of 80-100 mm. The Hard spring block can withstand a load of up to 120 kg. per bed. The mattress with the Multi Pocket mini unit is not inferior to standard mattresses in its orthopedic characteristics.


Spring block «Multi Pocket»

Independent spring block, the density of which is < strong>at least 500 springs per 1 m2. The springs are made of spring wire with a diameter of 1.3 – 1.4 mm. Mattresses with such a block can withstand a load of up to 140 kilograms per bed. This unit provides greater comfort compared to a conventional independent spring unit. The more springs per 1 m2, the better the orthopedic effect. This spring block will provide the correct anatomical support for your spine during sleep.


Multi-zone spring block

A block that alternates between soft and hard zones. In the place of the block where the load is greater, more rigid springs are installed, where less-soft springs. Thus, there is a uniform load distribution. On a mattress with such a block , the spine is in an even position. A multi-zone block can have from 3 to 7 zones of different stiffness. Another arrangement of hard and soft zones is also possible. For example, if orthopedists show a mattress that should take the shape of the body, then in areas with a greater load, I place a zone of soft springs."